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We have done our research and wanted to find the perfect fabric to fulfil our pledge to provide work wear that is as much luxurious as it is comfortable, throw in some durability for constant wear and practicality for the workplace and our decision is made.

We have chosen a Bi-Stretch polyester which is a mix of polyester, rayon and spandex. It is non-clingy material that is soft on the skin feeling quite luxurious. The Bi Stretch Polyester material is extremely durable which is important as work wear should be able to withstand constant wear. It is machine washable and drys quickly. The material also keeps you cool and comfortable perfect for the busy workplace where the smooth texture drapes perfectly offering a flattering fit.


Polyester is a strong fibre that is resistant to crease and thus keeps it shape. Threads spun from polyester fibres are strong, wear exceptionally well. Where spandex has excellent resistance to washing, perspiration, and heat.


The rayon in the mix, has many of the qualities of cotton or natural material. It is soft & smooth to touch and it also drapes particularly well.


Spandex is an elastic type fibre that can be stretched many times its length and then spring back to the original length. Where rayon is cool, comfortable and highly absorbent.